Saturday, February 19, 2011

We're Sick....Again

I don't know that I've even been sick this much in such a short amount of time...we're literally gone from being sick for almost 3 weeks to feeling like we were finally getting better, just to get sick again. They've both been really nasty colds and I'm beginning to think my nose has been permanently damaged(and therefore my taste buds too) because even when I had been starting to feel better I still wasn't able to smell anything very well. And those of you who know me, know that I have an extremely sensitive nose, so it's rather trying to not be able to smell very well and therefore I can't taste anything very well. I told Jacob today that I haven't been able to smell the girl's poopy diapers for over 3 weeks...not that I actually miss that smell (because I most certainly do not miss the smell of Bethany's diapers), but it makes it difficult to know when they are poopy unless I actually go around checking their diapers. Which conveniently, Abigail has started announcing (very loudly) when Bethany is poopy (I'm beginning to think she might have a nose like I do...or I rather, like I used to) and Bethany has gotten very used to backing up to me backwards so that I can check her diaper. But besides me not being able to smell most things, we've also been dealing with fevers, coughing and of course, the yucky snotty noses...I won't go into details there because, well...those of you that have kids know what I'm talking about! Kids and snotty noses = grossness, especially if they don't like to keep their hair things in!
We were able to get out to church last Sunday, which was extremely nice, but it's not looking hopeful for tomorrow...I just hope it's not another 3 weeks before we get to go again. I have been keeping stocked up on library books, which when my head isn't killing me, I've been reading so that's helped a lot. I've really not been happy with my running schedule though, especially this last week where we were having 70 degree weather and I was only able to get out one day and run because the rest of the time my head was...yep...killing me and I was coughing and dealing with nose issues. I had been looking forward to getting to start my training program on the week is was going to be so nice outside, but instead I'm going to be slightly behind where I wanted to be...oh well...I just hope I'll be able to run on Monday!

Oh, and I do have more pictures to post, but they will have to wait until next time. :)