Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun With Face Paint!

At first Jacob was going to paint Bethany as a cat, but then decided that a clown would be more appropriate! I would have to agree.....and she enjoyed it a lot as you can see.... :)
She got quite the kick out of looking at herself in the mirror (please excuse the clutter) and if you look closely you can see she's licking away....I have a hard time imagining it being very tasty though!
Abigail is all ready to become a cat.....while Bethany is....well, being Bethany! :)
The cute cat!

As you can see these pictures were taken before Christmas, so I'm trying to do some catch-up. It looks like we're going to be having some wintery weather for the next couple of days, so hopefully that means more time on here. We'll see though, we're also working though a cold and the girls have been rather crabby today....well, hopefully it was due to them not feeling good! :)