Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye For The Weekend!

We're headed down to my family today...Jacob got rained out of work so we get to go down earlier, which is awesome! The part about us getting to go early, not about Jacob not getting to work because he does need the work, it just worked out nicely that if he had to get rained out of work we at least get to go down to Rolla! :) So, I'm packing up and cleaning up and pretty soon I'll be pie making....I'm only making Toll House Pies, so totally easy compared to cream pies, I just need to get to the store first and the girls are still sleeping. They always sleep in when I'm up and about, they just don't seem to understand that when I'm sleeping in they need to be as well! :) I'm totally excited, but also very hungry (not sure why other then I need to "break-fast"!), so this will be short and sweet....ok, not sure about the sweet part, but it will be short because the girls will be waking up any second and the "race" will be on! :) Well, they seem to have read my mind....the are up, so we're on the move! :)

I'll be back soon...don't miss me too much while I'm gone!