Thursday, April 29, 2010

Abigail & Bethany....My Pretty Girls

Here I am again...this time with hopefully lots of pictures to make up for all the "talk" in my last post! :) I need to download the camera onto the laptop, so you all will have to be happy with some older pictures of the girls and hopefully later in the week I'll have the new ones all ready to post! :)Abigail was actually on good terms with the camera when I took those pictures, thankfully, since sometimes it can be impossible to get pictures of her because she takes off running when I say I want to take her picture. Bethany still loves getting her picture taken and she usually gives me the sweetest smiles....she just is easily distracted so if there's anything else going on it can be hard to catch her looking at the camera!


Hillary Brown said...

Love the pictures! :)